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Linked Organisations

This document provides details on managing accounts and access with different Git repository providers, such as GitHub.


BeetleboxCI allows users to create, manage and delete what organisations are linked to their BeetleboxCI accounts through their Git repository providers.

Finding the Linked Organisation page#

You may manage the linked organisations by clicking your profile picture on the top right of BeetleboxCI's screen and navigate to Account.


In your user profile click the button labelled Linked Organisations.


You will now be able to manage your linked organisations.

Linking a GitHub account or organisations#

If you have signed up through email and would like to link your GitHub account and organisation or have deleted your link with GitHub and would like to sign up again. Click the button labelled Configure Organisation


This will redirect you to GitHub. You will need to give permissions to BeetleboxCI for us to access your repositories.

BeetleboxCI will never make any modifications to your repositories without your explicit approval and the permissions granted are strictly needed to provide our services.

Click the button labelled Install & Authorize.


You will also need to choose which accounts or organisations you wish BeetleboxCI to have access to.


Please select the organisations or accounts, you wish to link to BeetleboxCI.

Click the button labelled Next.

This will return you to the Linked Organisations tab with your GitHub account now successfully linked.

Unlink GitHub#

If you wish to completely unlink all github accounts and organisations, in the Linked Accounts tab, click the button labelled Unlink GitHub.


A warning will come up, to confirm click the button labelled Unlink GitHub.


This will unlink all GitHub accounts and organisations from BeetleboxCI.