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Creating an account

Before you can start developing with BeetleboxCI, you will need an account with GitHub, which you can sign up for free

Select your way of creating an account#


Navigate your way to our signup page.

BeetleboxCI enables you either to create an account through your email or GitHub. The way you create your account is not important, when it comes to using git respository providers as you will always be able to add your git accounts in installations.

If you wish to install BeetleboxCI through GitHub, click the button labelled Sign Up with GitHub.

If you wish to install BeetleboxCI through your email, click the button labelled Sign Up with Email.

Accept permissions from your Git Repository#

If you choose to signup through GitHub, you will need to give permissions to BeetleboxCI for us to access your repositories.

BeetleboxCI will never make any modifications to your repositories without your explicit approval and the permissions granted are strictly needed to provide our services.

Click the button labelled Install & Authorize.


Select organisations#

If you choose to signup through GitHub, you will also need to choose which accounts or organisations you wish BeetleboxCI to have access to.


Please select the organisations or accounts, you wish to link to BeetleboxCI.

Click the button labelled Next.

Finish your account details#

Please provide details for your new account.


Click the button labelled Create Account.

Verify your email#

Once your account has been created, we just need to verify your email. Please check your spam if it does not arrive in a few minutes.


You should recieve a confirmation email.


Click on the confirmation button, which should link you back to BeetleboxCI and confirm your email.


Click the text labelled Click Here.

Login to your account#

Your account is now ready to login to.


Congratulations, you have successfully setup your account.


Now you have created an account, you can start your first project.

What's next?#