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What do we mean by Early Access?

BeetleboxCI is now released into Early Access and many people have asked exactly what we mean by Early Access.

Your data is safe and secure#

At Beetlebox, we make all efforts to ensure that your data remains safe and secure at all times. We ensure that all features are built securely to ensure your data is always kept secure. We only take as much information as needed to provide you with our services.

We strive to ensure that your data remains accessible and your service uninterrupted. Each update is carefully planned so that service disruption is kept to a minimum. New updates are designed to not disrupt existing projects.

BeetleboxCI is evolving at a rapid pace#

When we say BeetleboxCI is in early access, we mean that Continuous Integration for FPGA design is still an emerging field and that many of the features are subject to change and improvement. Some of our current features lack polish and need to be tightened up, whilst we also have many new features to come. Some of these new features will be specific to FPGA design and are not currently present in other CI systems. All this means that you may notice new features appearing rapidly or the documentation being frequently updated.

Why should people join during Early Access?#

Joining in Early Access means that our users will be impact and mold BeetleboxCI from an early stage. We are looking for immediate user feedback and will be able to react to it by rapidly introducing new features or through minor tweaks. If you have an idea, we would be more than happy to hear about out in our Discussion board.