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Adding a new Project

BeetleboxCI currently supports multiple version control systems. Your BeetleboxCI account can be directly linked to Github if you are running on a cloud-based platform where you can directly access your Github repositories. BeetleboxCI also supports manually adding projects from remote repositories on other version control systems, or repositories on the local filesystem.

Add a project with github#

On the pipelines page we simply select create pipeline.


We then select the repository we want to add.


We should then see the pipeline on the pipelines page.

Add a project manually on your local PC/Server#

For the manual version, the user can enter a name for the project and enter a remote or local file location pointing to the project. The image below shows an example of a project on the local filesystem being added.


For remote locations, BeetleboxCI supports both HTTP and SSH access to pull repositories. You can access your remote repository through HTTP using your login credentials or through SSH if you have a private key file.