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Setting up and using projects is the first task that must be done when using BeetleboxCI. This document describes how projects may be created and managed.


A project manages a single Continuous Integration pipeline. Each pipeline links to one code repository. By placing a config.yaml file in the code repository, you can setup different workflows in a pipeline. Using projects allows you to:

  • Begin automating your FPGA designs.
  • Setup Continuous Integration workflows.
  • Start automatically generating artifacts.

Configuration Examples#

The following example shows a simple config.yaml file. When setting up a project, a code repository is linked to a project. In the code repository, a config.yaml file will need to be stored in the .bbx directory.

runners: example-runner:  image: ubuntu-generic
jobs:    example-job:  runner: example-runner   - run:      name: Example Step      command: echo "Hello World"
workflows: workflow-example:  jobs:   - example-job