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Github Integration

BeetleboxCI supports integration with Github through a Github App. The user is required to register a new Github App, through which BeetleboxCI will interface with Github.

To create a Github App:

  1. Browse to Github and go to settings by clicking the icon on the top-right corner of the page and clicking Settings.
  2. Switch settings context (Ctrl+F on the settings page) if needed. This determines whether you create the app under your own personal Github account or your organisation's account.
  3. Go to Developer Settings>Github Apps on the left hand column.
  4. Click New Github App
  5. Provide a name for your app and optionally write a description
  6. The homepage URL will be the URL of your BeetleboxCI installation, i.e. http://[server_address]:32767
  7. The Callback URL will be http://[server_address]:32767/select_organisation.
  8. Check "Request user authorization (OAuth) during installation"
  9. Make sure "Active" is unchecked under Webhook.
  10. Under Permissions, select the following:

Repository Permissions: Read and write for Administration

Repository Permissions: Read and write for Commit Statuses

Repository Permissions: Read and write for Deployments

Repository Permissions: Read-only for Metadata

Repository Permissions: Read and write for Pull Requests

Repository Permissions: Read and write for Webhooks

Organization Permissions: Read and write for Administration

Account Permissions: Read-only for Email addresses

Account Permissions: Read and write for Git SSH Keys

  1. Select "Any account" under "Where can this GitHub App be installed?" unless you specifically only intend to install the app on the current Github account (without sharing it with anyone including your teammates
  2. Generate a new client secret and a new private key. You will need them to link BeetleboxCI to this app.

To set up integration with a Github user or organisation account:

  1. Access the settings using the symbol in the top right hand corner of the BeetleboxCI web app in your browser.
  2. Go to "Linked Organisations".
  3. Enter the details from the app into the form. For the Beetlebox URL, it will be http://[server_address]:32767
  4. Click "Update Git Data".
  5. Click "Configure Organisations".
  6. Select a Github Organisation or Github account to add.
  7. Click "Install & Authorize"
  8. When prompted to choose which organisations to use, check the boxes you require.
  9. Repeat for any other organisation or user accounts you need to connect.

Now when you create a new pieline from the Pipelines page, you should be able to create a pipeline directly from the list of repositories from.