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About BeetleboxCI

BeetleboxCI is designed specifically for the automation of the design, development and deployment of hardware solutions for example FPGA, ASIC and IOT.

Why a specific tool for hardware and embedded systems designs

As chip technology advances, design requirements are becoming more complex. At Beetlebox we want to help lower that cost and complexity for design teams. We want to let engineers do what they love and reduce their time to complete projects. BeetleboxCI makes engineering teams more productive, allowing more time for innovation. BeetleboxCI takes care of project changes so you do not have to through out the full product life cycle build, test and deploy.

Beetlebox provides the best in class continuous integration platform for embedded developers.

What is continuous integration?

CI/CD is known as a DevOps (Development Operations) practice and combines two different techniques CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment). Continuous Integration is the process of automatically building and testing code. It involves the constant integration of small code changes to a shared code repository that tracks these changes and provides version control. The code is regularly and automatically built and tested. The result is a software package that is ready to be distributed across servers or devices.

Continuous Deployment is the technique of distributing the software package that has been created by the CI. It is rare for an application to only be run on a single device or server and instead must be distributed across multiple different environments. Continuous deployment automates this process where it is simple for developers to release new solutions and updates in minutes rather than manually releasing which could take days.

BeetleboxCI is designed to run hardware and embedded systems design tools

CI tools were never originally designed for hardware developers. Default options will never be 100% correct. The designer needs to use a platform with sufficient performance. The right OS versions and no timing out and of course the correct software pre-installed.